Our Ciders

Our ciders are produced in small batches using Washington apples.  We combine modern fermenting equipment with traditional cider making methods to craft additive-free and pure ciders.

For keg sales, please contact us at sales@bellinghamcider.com


A pleasingly bright, well-balanced cider with smooth apple front notes, aroma, and a clean easy finish. To customers unfamiliar with cider, this is a great introduction, as it is reminiscent of a crisp apple champagne. A light, enjoyable cider for relaxing the the sun or pairing with red proteins and spicy food. 6.7% ABV


An easy crowd pleaser, this mildly sweet cider is still well-balanced for the masses. A beautifully bright apple front note with a clean, smooth finish. Use this to enhance any fruit-based cocktail with a splash of rum, or alone, no assistance required. 6.7% ABV


A fruit cider that is approachable enough for nearly every cider drinker which makes it our all-time best seller. This semi-sweet cider has the smooth mouth feel of fresh NW blackberries yet finishes on a pleasant ginger note that won’t offend the sensitive palate. This cider is a great cocktail mixer and has been used in our restaurant for both summer and winter drinks. 6.7% ABV


A semi-dry apple blend cider with a citrus nudge of tangy blood orange and a mellow finish. A very approachable cider for both the new and seasoned cider drinker. Use this cider in a mixed cocktail for a light tart and satisfyingly citrus refresher. 6.7% ABV



A unique and unfiltered cider experience made with the juice from prickly pear cactus. This is a lightly sweetened cider that has a pear-forward flavor with notes of plum and vanilla. This cider pairs well with starchy, rich foods. You can’t go wrong when mixed in a desert-inspired tequila cocktail. You won’t find anything else like this, making it one of the highest demanded ciders for us. 5.2% ABV


This award-winning cider is proudly nicknames “Gateway” by our owners, but our staff refer to it as “cider for the beer drinker”. You get the point. This is an unfiltered cider with hop-forward notes and a slight apricot tart finish. This cider puts focus on the fruity and floral flavors from the Cascade and Citra Hops, contrary to other traditional hopped ciders on the market. It is a hit with beer drinkers and cider drinkers who do not care for the bitterness of beer. 6.5% ABV


A fresh, semi-dry cider with aromatics of rose petals and a rewarding tase that is a perfectly balanced floral with tropical hibiscus. Reminiscent of a glass of champagne with edible rose petals for a special occasion. Pairs with seafood or as an after dinner refreshment. 6.7% ABV


A clean, crisp cider with forward lemon notes, leaving delicious sage flavors on the back. A great springtime cider that can be mixed with several cocktails. 6.7% ABV